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Welcome to Ago

This site is to instruct and teach the community the African Diaspora of the people of Yoruba. Their beliefs and legends started long ago in Africa thousands of years ago. Dates range back from when the great pharaohs of Egypt walked the earth. It has now made its way to the New World in which it is an African-Caribbean religion. This Afro- Cuban Diaspora is known today as Santeria.

The people of Yoruba where enslaved and when they were brought across the seas to the New World they brought over the practices of their Orishas to help live a better life for themselves and to keep their practices alive. Out of these Orisha there is the Supreme Being whom in every religion we know as God. The name that the people of Yoruba called him is Olodumare, the Supreme Being, the father. Olodumare is the creator of all life in our world and in space. He has no direct contact with humans on earth but only through his other manifestation known as Olorun (the sun). Through Olorun we can feel Olodumare in all of his aspect feeding us the necessary energy and resource that we need in our everyday life. Olorun is the owner of Orun (heaven). Olofi who is Olodumare in his final manifestation is in charge of the skies alongside with the heavens. He is in charge to look after humans behind the teachings of the Orishas. He seldom comes to the earth to visit and when he does its an immense energy that follows. Olofi tells the orishas what is it that we need and to teach us how to live healthful, moral and respectful lives.

The Orishas consist of semi gods that look over mankind and report all of our actions to Olofi. These Orishas contain Ashe (power) given by Olofi to govern and maintain righteousness among the all that is living. Their Ashe ranges from different nature aspects to emotional aspects. These Orishas lived amongst the world and they lived everyday life trials and tribulations. Olofi taught them within their own Ashe in which they teach us humans and bestow knowledge on how to live a good and better life.

The slaves fought their enslavers to continue to practice their beliefs. They noticed that the Catholic Church in which they were forced to worship had some of the same qualities their Orishas contained. They saw the similarity that each Orisha contained with each Catholic Saint so they synchronized each of the Catholic Saints to their Orishas and were able to secretly still worship their Orishas.

There is more than 700 Orishas but only a few made it from Africa to the New World. And from those that came over you have Elegua, the owner of the crosswords, Yemaya, the goddess of the sea, Chango, the god of thunder, Oya, the goddess of wind and the list goes on.

Here in the site you will be able to learn on the different Orishas. Their characteristics, pataki (stories), and the way they interact with humans.

Keep looking for more information for our site. We will be holding musical theatrical plays on the Orishas that we are trying to take around the country, so keep looking for that. Also we are working on DVD's on all major Orishas that give a visual on the lives of the Orishas.

Hope you enjoy this site and open your heart and mind to the teachings of Olofi and the orishas.
Thank you for stopping by and see you again.






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