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Spells and Ebbos
Spells, Ebbos and Adimus

Spells are essentially used in the Yoruban tradition. They vary for different purposes whether it is to open the roads for blessings, love matters and success and to ward off any evil that my be coming your way. Ebbos (cleansings) are done to clean the path of mankind so the astros fall into place and assist us in what we need. They could be sacrifice to the orishas or a simple cleansing with fruits or a bath. Adimus (offerings) are made for the orishas to appease them for something they helped you with which might be their favorite food or a simple arrangement of flowers or a bottle of perfume.

Love Spells

A pumpkin
5 egg yolks
5 fishing hooks
A magnet
Cinnamon sticks
Dominating oil
Pachuli oil
Jala Jala/Pull Pull oil
Yo puedo mas que tu/I can overpower you oil
A picture of the person
Yellow ribbon
5 yellow stick candles
1 7 day yellow candle

Clean a area that you can place your job that it will not be disturbed. Place a small table with a yellow tablecloth where the job can be placed on. Place Oshun on the table. If your not initiated as a priest you can either go to one or do it yourself. Place and image of Oshun or an image of her catholic representation. Grab the yellow candle and spray some perfume on it so when you call her essence, she is happy.

You open the top of the pumpkin and you empty out of all the inside seeds. Place the magnet first into the pumpkin. You place the picture of the person inside of the pumpkin. If you don’t have a picture you can substitute it with the persons name on a brown paper bag. Whether it is the picture or the name on the cut paper bag, you hook the 5 fishing hooks on the paper or name to the bottom of the pumpkin. You throw the oils and you speak while you throw the oils. The dominating oil is to dominate, the pachuli oil is to perfume and seduce, jala jala/pull pull is to pull the individual towards you and yo puedo mas que tu/I can overpower you is to overpower the heart of the individual. You then place the 5 egg yolks into the pumpkin. Not the white part and without the yolks breaking. You place some beer inside of the pumpkin, cinnamon sticks and you add honey to it. Place the top back on the pumpkin. Wrap the yellow ribbon around the pumpkin and make 5 knots to seal the job. Light one yellow stick candle on top of the pumpkin and ring the bell and ask Oshun what exactly it is that you want. Everyday for the next 5 days you do the same procedure and relight the candles on top of the pumpkin. On the 5th day, take the pumpkin to the river and leave her 5 copper pennies as a fee.

Love spell using Chango

6 red apples
Cinnamon powder
Corojo (palm oil)
1 red 7 day candle

Have an area clean in your house for your spell. Place a table with a red tablecloth where you will place Chango. If your not initiated, place the catholic image of him on the table. Write the persons name 6 times on a paper bag and write your name directly on top of it. Smear some honey over both names and place it on a white plate. Grab the 7 day red candle and spread some hone with cinnamon powder all over the candle. Light it and grab the 6 apples and rub corojo all over the apples and place them on the plate around the candle. Once all of the apples are on the plate, throw honey on top of all the apples in a circular rotation and sprinkle the cinnamon powder on top of everything speaking from your heart to Chango, asking him to spark the passion between the people that are on the plate. Leave it there for 6 days and then take plate and all to a palm tree that’s near a river. If you don’t live in a tropical area that doesn’t have those elements, take it to a bushy wooden area and leave it near a tree.

A flirtatious bath using Oshun

Cinnamon sticks
Champagne or a Cider
5 of your perfumes or colognes
Pachuli perfume or oil
Flor de cerveza (a plant)

Now there is 2 ways you can do this and they are both effective. You can either fill your tub and do this or put everything in a bucket, shower then throw it on top of you. Lets say your going to take a shower or that your in a rush to go to the club or something. Take a bucket and add warm water to it. Get a small pot and add some water and boil the pachuli, flor de cerveza and cinnamon sticks together. Once it comes to a boil you are going to have to strain it and add the liquid to your bucket of water. Add an entire beer and some of the cedar to the bath. Add a little bit of honey and depending on your perfumes or colognes, spray or pour from each of the bottles. Once you have done that, light a yellow candle and call upon Oshun’s essence and tell her what the bath is for. You shower normally and after you have rinsed off your soapy water you then throw the bucket all over your body. Now you might feel a little bit sticky because of the beer and cider but just at you feel sticky, trust me everyone will stick to you in any way or shape of form that you want. Air dry yourself and begin to get dress and have a good time.

Spell with Oshun
For a woman

Your make up powder and cinnamon powder. That’s all you need ladies. Get your powder make up and add some cinnamon powder to it. Put your make up normally in a mirror speaking to Oshun telling her that everyone who looks at you will fall for your sweet smelling scent. Go our and enjoy yourself with that one.

To open your roads with Elegua

A coconut

Get the coconut and put corojo over it. Place the coconut next to Elegua and spray aguadiente over Elegua and the coconut. Blow cigar smoke over the coconut alongside with Elegua. Grab a maraca and speak to Elegua and ask him to open your roads that are good for you. Ask for prosperity and good health. Grab the coconut and pass it all over your body. Then take coconut to a bushy area by a tree and leave it there with 3 pennies.

Another road opener with Elegua

3 jio jio (small baby chicks)
Roasted corn
Smoked fish
Smoke possum

Sacrifice the 3 chicks to Elegua. Get 3 brown paper bags and fill them with the roasted corn, smoked fish, smoked possum, corojo and the candies. Place the body of the 3 chicks in each bag. Close the bag up and place it next to Elegua. Spray him with aguardiente and cigar. Let it sit for a couple of hours with a candle burning next to him. Go to a 4 corner intersection nearest to your house. Throw one papar bag on each corner leaving one corner open so Elegua can bring you what you are needing for.

A prosperity bath for Elegua

7 herbs of Elegua
Holy water

Get the herbs of Elegua and place them in a bucket. Add the holy water and the aguardiente to the mixture. Sweep your house from the back to the front, collecting all and any energy that is not positive. After you collected it, place Elegua on top of it and light him a white candle. Then mop your house with the mixture from the front of your door to the back. As you mop your house, you speak to Elegua to open your roads.

A powder for Ochosi for something honest that you want.

2 pigeons
Vencedor stick
Roasted corn
Purple grapes

Make a sacrifice to Ochosi with the 2 pigeons. Spray him with the anisette and cigar. After he has consumed the pigeons, you take the heads, the heart and the feathers from the wings and you toasted them either in an oven or a grill. After those items are well toasted, place them in a mortar and add the cornmeal, 7 grains of roasted corn, smoked fish and possum and the seeds of 7 purple grapes. Grater some of the vencedor stick and with the shavings add that as well to the mortar. Proceed to smash and blend all of these ingredients together. Once they are well blended together, place the powder in a brown paper bag and place it to Ochosi. Speak to him and tell him that this powder is for a specific desire, whether to ward off your dwelling of evil, bring justice to you from a wrong doer or to help you hunt for something. With that powder you take a pinch of it and blow it outside of your house for what you petitioned for.

Adimu for Ochosi

Star anisette

Peel the entire yam and cut it into pieces. Put a pot of water to boil. Once the water is boiling, place the yam inside and boil until it is tender. Once it is, take off stove and drain. Start to mash the yam as if it was mashed potatoes. Add the corojo, honey and some anisette liquor to it. Mix all together and make 7 balls of it. Grab Ochosi or if you don’t have a bow and arrow and place the balls on top of the arrow of Ochosi. Throw additional honey on top of the balls and the arrow and place 7 star anisette on top of it. Light a blue candle and speak to Ochosi.

Ebbo with Yemaya

Melao (molasses)
Fried pork grinds
Plantain chips
White clothes
7 pennies
Blue candle

Go to the beach with all of the items. Leave your new white clothes near the shore but not to close to get wet. Go in the water and throw the 7 pennies, the plantain chips and the pork grinds around you for Yemaya. Throw the melao all over you. And turn facing the shore. Dip yourself backwards in the ocean 7 times talking to Yemaya asking her what you want from the heart. Once you’ve done the final dip walk out of the ocean and take off the clothes you went in with and put on your new white clothes. Grab your old wet clothes and put them in a bag. Immediately leave the beach. Once you’ve walked out of the ocean you do not look back. Leave your old clothes at a garbage can and go home. Once you get home light a blue candle to Yemaya and relax and wait for your gift. Once Yemaya has given you what you want, make sure you go back to the beach and take her an offering whether it be 7 long stem roses, or just a plain watermelon and throw it in the ocean.

A bath for Yemaya

Blue añil cube
Holy water
Gardenia flowers
Sea water
Blue candle
White candle

Fill your bathtub with warm water and add the sea water to it. Place the blue cube inside the tub and the water will instantly begin to turn blue. Place some holy water and melao into the tub. Place the gardenias inside the tub. Place the candles at each end of the tub either on the floor or on the tub wall itself away from anything that is flammable. Light the candles and sit inside the tub and soak and meditate with Yemaya and feel her taking off all negativity from you. When your finish, exit and dress in something white and relax, Another offering for Yemaya

A snapper
Akara (smashed black eye peas)
Blue candle

Have a place in your home and place Yemaya there. If you don’t have her, get a representation of her. Season the fish as if it was for you. Add corojo to it and bake it. You can add onions and peppers to it. Once the fish is cooked take it out and let cool. Make 7 balls of akara and place around the fish. Throw the melao on top of the fish and present it to Yemaya. Place the watermelon on top of the table for the great mother. Light a blue candle and speak to her with a maraca.

For peace in the home with Obatala

Sprinkle cascarilla all around your house and light a white candle to Obatala asking for peace in your home.

To calm an individual with Obatala

A long white ribbon
A white cloth
Cocoa butter
Balsimo tranquilo oil
White candle

You place Obatala or a image of him in a corner where he will not be disturbed. You measure more or less the height of the person with the white ribbon. You make a total of 8 knots with the ribbon from one end to the other asking Obatala with every knot to calm this person, bless this person, clear this persons path, etc. You then with a pencil write the persons name after every knot. You place the knotted ribbon in a jar with the balsimo tranquilo oil, and cover it with cocoa butter and cascarilla. Light a white candle to Obatala and leave the jar covered with a white cloth until the job is done.

Spiritual cleansing bath with the orisha Ochanla

Goat milk
Evaporated milk
Whole milk
8 balls of cascarilla
Cocoa butter shavings
Holy water
A pack of white love me not flowers
A scented white candle

Fill your tub with luke warm water and place the holy water in it. Open the goats milk, evaporated milk and whole milk and throw it into the tub. Crush the 8 balls of cascarilla and sprinkle it in the tub. Sprinkle some of the cocoa butter shavings in the tub. Add your honey and your love me not flowers. Light the scented white candle and sit in the tub. Turn off the bathroom light and relax. You can either play some soft classical music and feel Ochanla come in and take all your problems away. Once you finished, dress all in white and go lay down and tell me how you feel or what you dreamed of. This is a simple bath that is effective and you feel brand new afterwards.
To bring change into your life with Oya

9 cans of sardines
A wick
A cloth of 9 colors
A dark wine

Place Oya or her representation somewhere where she will not be disturbed. Open each can of sardine and disregard the sardine but you want to keep the oil with the cans. Add some corojo, honey and dark wine to each of the cans. Place the 9 color cloth where Oya is at and place the 9 cans in front of her image. Place a penny in each of the cans and the wick and light it and speak to Oya for the change you desire.

To rid evil spirits in your house with Oya and Ayao

This you need to be a priest or priestess with these 2 orishas
2 female hens
9 glasses of water

You place Oya on the floor and Ayao on a table right next to Oya with 9 glasses of water around her. This should be near the front entrance of the door. The priests gives obi to the orishas letting them know what you are about to do. You then clean your house entirely with the 2 hens and you then sacrifice them to Oya and Ayao. The last bit of blood from each hen should fall into each of the 9 glasses of water surrounding Ayao. After you have completed the sacrifice, you grab the empaca that’s inside of Ayao and place it on top of Oya’s machete and make a small single line of gunpowder. The priest should then light the gunpowder that it leads straight to the empaca of Ayao. Once you’ve finished that, the priest should then clean the house and everyone in it with Oya’s horsetail.

Offerings to Oya

9 eggplants

Cover the 9 eggplants with the corojo and place them in a white plate and put them to Oya asking her for what you want.

To attract good luck with Chango

A thunderstone rock
Red wine with no salt
Gold and silver shavings

Wash a thunderstone with red wine. Place a glass of red wine in front of Chango or his image and place the stone inside of it with the magnet. Sprinkle some gold and silver shavings on the tip of the thunderstone and light a candle to Chango.

To petition Chango

6 small jicaras or bowls

Boil a pot of water and cook the cornmeal until it becomes thick. Once it is cooked you cut the okras and place them into the pot of cornmeal. Add a little bit of salt for tasting and some tomatoe paste. Put a little bit of the corojo as well into the pot and mix all together. Bring all of this to a boil. Once everything is cooked taked off stove and divide the cornmeal mixture into the 6 different bowls. While hot take these bowls to a park or bushy area where palm trees are abundant. Place each bowl by 6 different palm trees while talking to Chango. Again if you live in an area that you do not have palm trees, you can take them to a wooded area and leave them by a tall tree. Place all of the 6 bowls around the tree. Come home and light him a candle.

A food for Yewa

A snapper
Gofio (type of cornmeal sold mostly in Spanish stores)

You get the snapper and you cook it in a tomatoe sauce with onions and green peppers. Once the food and the sauce is well cooked, you put it to cool. You get the gofio and you make 9 small balls. Grab a white plate and place the fish in the center and dress the plate with the 9 balls of gofio. Once finished, take the plate to a cemetery and leave it in the center of the cemetery with a white candle.

To petition Agallu

9 crackers

A simple offering for Agallu is to get 9 crackers and place corojo on top of each of them, asking Agallu for what you want. Light a candle for him.

Another offering for Agallu for something

A bag of red beans
Cook the red beans in a pot with onions, peppers and salt. Once the beans are cooked and soft to the touch, you then mashed them and add a little bit of corojo. You get plantain leaves or dry corn leaves and you make 9 tamals with either or of the leaves. Once they are cool, you place the 9 tamals on a plate and serve them to Agallu with a red or wine color candle and ask for what you want.

More are coming so keep looking for it!!!!!

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