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The Female Orishas


The female orishas consists of a long list but here we are going to discuss them and their avatars. The main and some of the great orishas in the female category are Yemaya, the mother of the orishas, the orisha of the great ocean waters. Oshun, the seductive orisha who is in charge of fertility, love and the sweet river waters. Oya, goddess of the winds and owner or the cemetery gates who also she is in charge of the spiritual world of our ancestors. We also have Obba Nani, orisha of the home and marriage, whose domains are lakes and springs, Yewa, orisha of the consumption of the body when placed in the ground. Her duties is to give our human flesh form back to the earth. These female orishas dealt with situations ranging from love and marriage, to betrayal and death.

There are also fewer orishas that also are important but they are not initiated on the head of an individual but they are essential. From assisting the other orishas in some shape or form. For instance, Maselobi, the aspect of Yemaya who raised Chango, Otin, one of Yemaya’s helpers, and the list goes on.

These orishas are called upon to help with all and everyday matters. When one is needs help with childbirth, a specific orisha is petitioned. When wants change in their life another orisha is called upon even to the typical play of seduction. Here you will learn their traits and attributes and also read stories on each of them. Within each of the female great orishas listed on the side, you will also learn about the other fewer orishas.

These females as well as the male orishas are somewhat warriors. Just as a mother, they will protect their children to fullest. Nothing is impossible for them.

We are blessed that Olodumare bestowed on us these female orishas to ensure a good life on the earth.





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