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Modupe Ocha

                   Tyrone Peters was born in Brooklyn NY in 1976. In his early years of childhood he grew up profoundly in the Catholic Church.  At the age of 6, Tyrone became an alter boy where he was taught to read scriptures from the bible that brought him closer to his calling. He would listen to his aunt and parishioners sing gospel and spiritual hymns that without his knowing he would later use in life. He had a very big faith in the church but his spirit drew him to a new age faith that came across the seas from Africa and this he would realize later on in his life.

At the age of 8 Tyrone and his mother who became initiated into the realm of Chango came to Miami to visit friends where he was introduced to his calling. He sat in his first spiritual mass where a man by the name of Hugo Marti, (his grandfather in ocha) sat next to a table with numerous glasses of water who became possessed with his spiritual guide Isidoro. The spirit Isidoro revealed to him things from his past and things that would happen to him in the future. One of the things that were told to him was that Tyrone would one day sit as a high priest aiding the community and helping the needy through Gods name. Before that could happen he had to go through numerous and lengthy spiritual ceremonies to get his journey ready.  Soon after he was initiated into the realms of Palo Mayombe, he was marked in the ritual rites of the Congo spirits with the nganga Siete Rayo. That was the first time Tyrone actually felt his spiritual guide touch his body.

Years passed and Tyrone continued to practice his Palo rites alongside with spiritual masses where his godmother Miriam Colon, Baba Chegun sat and aided people on a daily basis. People would come and get assisted by the dead through his spiritual family.  It was then he knew that he was at his calling. After years of practice and worship to the ancestors, Tyrone was introduced to the Orisha worship. He was told through the oracles that the orisha Elegua was his guardian Ori. Tyrone knew nothing of this orisha but agreed to take his new journey with the blessings of Olofi (God) and the spirits.

At the age of 17 Tyrone was finally introduced into the realms of the orisha Elegua. His life changed from one day to another learning the teachings of Olofi through the oracles of the orisha worship and was taught that Olofi was God and the orishas were the messengers of Olofi and that everyone had a mission on this earth. His mission was to assist and help everyone and anyone that seeked help.  He was ordained by his godmother Miriam Colon, Baba Chegun and his yubon Ricardito Eshu Lari Oba. He comes from a lineage of elders that consisted of Hugo Marti, Oba Biya,  apoun Tomasito Omi Toke, Jorge Ittuaralde Salaco and the list goes on.

Later on his years he finally made it to the final part of hierarchy within the Afro Cuban faith and received his spiritual Obe from Yusdany Rivas Ololumiya and yubon Alfredo Garcia Ogun Bi. They now put him on another path of faith and to continue his teachings with greater knowledge. He now has created a house of worship where he has numerous godchildren and followers that also follow the word of Orisha worship. He has traveled many parts of the world teaching and assisting in the initiations of others into the Orisha worship. He has danced many drumming rituals where his guardian Ori Elegua has possessed him to reveal to other their past, present and future through the word and permission of Olofi. Tyrone continues to teach and practice his faith in Miami where he lives and continues to learn through elders as he is an elder now in Orisha worship.  With the help of Olofi and Elegua he will continue to journey to far lands to continue his teachings as Elegua has many crossroads that Tyrone needs to pass.


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